At Bishop’s Primary School, we value the ideas and opinions from the children to help to make our school the best it can be.

Each year we appoint a ‘Junior Leadership Team’ which includes a Head Boy and Girl, House Captains, Campus Ambassadors and our School Council.

Introducing our Junior Leadership Team…

Head Boy – Jack
Head Girl – Khloe
House Captains: – Isla, Brooke, Kaiden and Josh
School Ambassadors: – Sian, Ethan, Ella and Davy
Light Ambassadors:  – Amelia and AJ
Reading Rangers: – Hollie, Logan, Skye and Zoe
Senior Sports Leaders:  – Charlie and Ava

Congratulations to them all!

School Council

Bishop’s Primary School is very proud to have a School Council which includes members from each class in Year 2 upwards. They meet on a regular basis to discuss issues around school, events which are coming up and also to voice any ideas or concerns which children have.

Headteacher for the Day

Our School Council meet regularly and share ideas and action plans, but we also like to offer some children the opportunity to be ‘Headteacher for the Day’.

As part of this day they work alongside the staff team, carrying out a Junior Leadership Role and collecting valuable information as to how the school could be improved. They do a ‘Learning Walk’ in classrooms, speak to pupils and parents, look for safeguarding ideas, contribute to a Senior Leadership Meeting and lead on an act of Collective Worship – an exciting but busy day!

As they will be a ‘member of staff’ for this day, they are not required to wear school uniform, but should arrive in smart clothing; trousers/skirt and a shirt or a dress.