Year 5 pupils from Bishop’s Primary School visited St Andrew’s & St Mark’s Church in Newbiggin earlier this week to take part in the Easter Journey. They were transported back in time and discovered what life was like for Jews living in Israel more than 2,000 years ago.

They followed in the footsteps of Jesus during his last few days and gained a new understanding of his actions and the sacrifice he made. The session really brought the story to life and staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part!

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Elsewhere, some more of our Year 5 children spent 2 days at Beamish Museum. They enjoyed a range of activities including a lesson in the Victorian School room, a visit to the town and pit village and tea from the chip shop – ‘the fish was the size of a whale!’

Once the museum closed to the public, the children set up camp, had a nighttime walk and sang songs round an open fire while enjoying marshmallows, hot chocolate and biscuits.

A fabulous experience creating magical memories!

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