Between 4-8 April 2022, the library at Bishop’s Primary School in Ashington – part of Northumberland Church of England Academy Trust, will be transformed into an immersive ‘prayer space’ where pupils, staff and members of the community can come together to explore different elements of spirituality through the creative arts.

The event is part of the national ‘Prayer Spaces in Schools’ initiative – a project founded by the charitable organisation, 24-7 Prayer International, which is designed to enable children and young people of all faiths and none, all over the world, to explore spirituality and life’s ‘big questions’ in a creative and interactive way.

Groups of children from Bishop’s Primary School as well as staff from across NCEA Trust’s neighbouring schools as well as parents and carers have been invited to come along to the event where they can enjoy a range of reflective and stimulating craft-based activities to help them explore their own ideas about faith and spirituality. There will be scratch cards for hope, reconciliation zips and pipe cleaner people-making for thanks as well as a quiet tent with glitter lamps and lights to provide a safe space for personal reflection and prayer.

At each activity station, the children (and adults) will be encouraged to be thankful or thoughtful, sorry or still, mindful, peaceful or simply creative. Some elements can be taken away by the children as a reminder; some will stay in the library and build up over the course of the event, so children can see each other’s thoughts and prayers.

The event is the result of a collaborative effort between school staff at Bishop’s Primary as well as local clergy from the parishes of St John’s, St Andrew’s, St Bartholomew’s and the Methodist and United Reformed Church communities.

Libby Taylor, RE Lead and Teacher at Bishop’s Primary School, commented:

“We’re really excited about our Prayer Spaces in Schools event this week.

“I have personally attended a number of Prayer Space development events in recent years and given what our pupils and communities have been through in the past two years with the Covid-19 pandemic and now the war in Ukraine, we felt that the time was right to try and put something together which would allow our children and staff to slow down, reflect and pray if they want to, while being creative.

“The creative element to the event helps to make what can be daunting topics such as faith and belief accessible to people of all ages and denominations. This will be the first major event that the school has hosted since the pandemic and we can’t wait!”

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Photos from the event