During the autumn term, the children will be introduced to library books which they can take home.

During the spring term, the parents will be able to change  library books with their children.

During the summer term, Maths packs will be send out to support children with counting and number.



A set of Read Write Inc sounds will be given to out every week.

Please read these letters every night with your child until they are familiar with the sound each letter makes and how they are written.

Support your child by playing word games with the letters.

You can also make 3 letter words for your child to read and then they can have a go at spelling out (Fred talking) a 3 letter word when you it.

When each set of sounds has been taught the children will be given different words to practise reading and writing at home, together with some red words that have to be learned separately as they can not be sounded out.


Year 1 to Year 6  

Please support your child at home by completing their homework with them.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned by Monday. Support your child by discussing their work with them.

Pupils who do not return their homework will have the opportunity to attend homework support club on a Tuesday 3:15pm-3:45pm.