Our Intent.

At William Leech Campus, we encourage all children to be good communicators and well-
rounded, responsible members of the community. We develop children’s vocabulary and
communication skills through all areas of the curriculum; vocabulary is at the forefront of our teaching.

As a campus, we encourage active and inquisitive readers. We support children to develop
resilience to allow them to access and relish challenges. Within all areas of the curriculum,
we challenge our children through problem solving activities and particularly in Mathematics, encourage children to explore their reasoning behind different methods and encourage dialogue when encountering difficulties that they will then learn from.

Our curriculum design ensures that local links are developed and the heritage of the
travelling community is respected. Experiences within our locality are explored within our
enquiry questions so that children take ownership and responsibility for their learning and
recognise how it helps them to make sense of the world and society around them.

With these main aims in place, we hope that children leave William Leech Campus as well-
rounded individuals with a range of skills which can support them through life and allow them to let their light shine.


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