Procter & Gamble Year 6 Science Day


In October 2019, 45 selected Year 6 pupils from the five Bishop’s Primary campuses joined leading scientists from Procter & Gamble’s Global Innovation Centre at Duke’s Secondary School. They spent the day learning about a career as a scientist and experiencing a taste of transition into life at Secondary school. The pupils mixed well and made new friends through the varied and exciting programme of events. The scientific experiments included learning about personal health and hygiene, the purification of water in countries with no clean running water and the rescue of birds caught in oil spills.


The pupils developed scientific enquiry and investigative skills, the ability to

share ideas and to work co-operatively within a team and, importantly, the ability to feel more confident when meeting and socialising with new people. Parents and carers were invited and could see for themselves a range of challenging experiments kindly organised for their children by the expert team of scientists.


At the end of the day the pupils revealed,

“A scientist’s job is to help people, nature and wildlife.”

“Scientists make mistakes but learn new things every day.”

“You can save penguins with Fairy Liquid!”

Some pictures from the day:

We would like to thank Procter & Gamble, the pupils, parents and all the adults who made this an exciting and successful learning experience.


Tanya Barlow

Bishop’s Primary School