Josephine Butler Primary

Welcome from the Head of Campus

Welcome to The Josephine Butler Primary Campus.  We are based on the main site of The Academy, in Ashington, alongside the Duke’s Secondary Campus and Castle School.  We serve the wards of Ashington Central, College and Hirst.  We opened in 2012 and have capacity for over 510 children aged 3-11 years.

Being adjacent to the other phases we have access to fabulous facilities and opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, in our state of the art building.  We provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment.

At the Josephine Butler Primary Campus, as a team of professionals who care about each child, we celebrate the uniqueness and talents of every child.  We have high expectations of behaviour and achievement in all areas and therefore focus equally on the personal, social and academic development of all of our children.

We depend on the support and cooperation of our parents and carers, in a shared responsibility, to nurture each child through their educational growth.

Our favourite book on Campus is “The Ordinary School Day” by Colin McNaughton.  This tells the story of a boy who discovers the joy and magic of learning.  Like this story, we want every child to leave our Campus at the end of every school day full of enthusiasm for learning and having extraordinary dreams.

We run an alternative curriculum each afternoon where children can work in a small group to develop social, emotional and behavioural skills. They do this by doing hands on activities in our gardens, making

 bird boxes and bird feeders, with our rabbits and chickens and in enhancing the school environment. This alternative curriculum also supports the work we do on campus for PHSCE.

We also aim to be a central part of our local community and are proud of the work we do in our gardens, the local  park and local residential homes.

We operate ‘The Young Leaders Award Scheme’, a unique active citizenship programme, which empowers the children to make a difference in their local community, whilst growing in key leadership skills.

We have won awards through LOVE Northumberland, Ashington Town Council and the Wansbeck Music Festival. We have been awarded Bronze Modeshift Stars.  Local businesses also support our enterprise week and we also run a Lifesavers Club – setting up a savings scheme with The Credit Union.

We actively support local and national charities. The generosity from our community is heart-warming.

As a campus we think it important to develop the leadership skills of our children too. We have an active and effective School Council, led by our Head Boy and Head Girl. We also have a group of House Captains, Deputy House Captains and Sports Leaders. They are vital in supporting all of our children in behaviour choices, play and campus environment. They encourage others to to follow the Academy L.I.G.H.T values of: Love; Inclusivity; Goodness; Hope; Truth in the hope of inspiring them to become respectful, citizens.

Mrs C Marriott 


Contact us:

Academy Road, Ashington, NE63 9FZ


Telephone:  01670 844323