Elmer’s Great North Parade

Josephine Butler, James Knott and Thomas Bewick Campuses have joined together to participate in the Great North Elmer project in collaboration with St Oswald’s hospice. Following on from the fantastic Snow Dogs project a couple of years ago, St Oswald’s have set up a new project which encourages schools to design their own Elmer which could be displayed around the region in the coming months.

The children took part in an Elmer Day on Friday 3rd May. Not only were they introduced to their very own Elmer, each and every child was given the opportunity to design their own before a celebration assembly revealed the winners.

Thomas Bewick Campus
The children spent the day working on cross-curricular activities involving an Elmer book before the afternoon where we held our ‘Great Stampede’! The children gained sponsorship from some very generous parents and friends who helped to raise an astonishing £2353.55! St Oswald’s Hospice was delighted to hear the news and everyone is very excited to see our final Elmer design coming to a North-East location near you!

James Knott Campus
Our own little Elmer arrived safely at James Knott, we were delighted with the beautiful designs for our little elephant, many of which had a sea theme; so after a meeting with our Year 2-Year 6 design team we have decided to decorate our Elmer using some of these ideas. Our Elmer has been named ‘Blue’ and we look forward to sharing our design when Blue goes on display.

Josephine Butler Campus
We were so impressed with the designs that the children created – thoughtful, colourful and imaginative. Shaun Spratt from Year 6 won our best design competition. He chose a design to help raise awareness of people with autism by showing “we are all made up of different pieces”.