Thomas Bewick Curriculum Intent

At Thomas Bewick Campus, we aim to provide a nurturing, safe environment where learners feel secure and confident to explore their potential, share their ideas and opinions and develop their understanding of the opportunities that await them. 

As a campus, we encourage children to be active readers and are developing their passion for reading from an early age. We support children to become resilient and inquisitive through providing them opportunities for reasoning and challenge. We encourage children to discuss and explain their reasons behind their answers.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure depth and mastery through enquiry questions which promote engagement and deeper level thinking. Children are encouraged to ask questions, lead the learning and make links using prior knowledge. They are given opportunities to revisit learning: to improve their working memory and build layers of understanding. Our teachers work hard to secure children’s understanding of the curriculum through rich and engaging experiences within and beyond the classroom. We have high expectations of all our children and encourage them to develop independence, resilience and determination in all lessons to create an essential foundation for their future success.

Please follow the links below to find more information about the curriculum and our medium and long term plans:

Medium term plans:



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Year 6