Modern Foreign Languages

The study of a modern foreign language can be an exciting and stimulating activity at any age, but particularly so for the young. At Bishop’s Primary, French is the language which is taught throughout Key Stage 2, although we do encourage pupils to become aware of other languages and cultures within our topic work. The primary phase has a specialist languages teacher who works alongside classroom teachers in the delivery of French across each of the five campuses.

Following the National Curriculum, our goal is to inspire pupils to love learning about languages through games, songs and stories as well as lively but structured teaching. We aim to help our pupils acquire a wide range of vocabulary, and develop their ability to use it for practical communication in the foreign language. Pupils are taught to communicate in French in four key skills areas. Throughout Key Stage 2 students develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students at Bishop’s Primary are taught language learning strategies which will not only develop their knowledge of French, but also help consolidate learning in Literacy.

Our MFL approach

Phonics Our pupils begin by mastering a secure understanding of French phonics to allow them to improve confidence and accuracy in pronunciation and speaking activities.

Communication – Pupils will develop skills which will allow them to communicate effectively in French. We aim to secure an understanding of basic French grammar and students will be able to communicate by extending their writing by using conjunctions as well as giving personal opinions and justifying them with reasons.

Literature – Throughout Key Stage 2 our students will read a variety of stories and poems in French. These texts consist of well-known stories translated into French, as well as authentic French texts.

Culture – We believe it is vital that pupils have the opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions. In French, our students develop an awareness of life in French speaking countries. We explore religious traditions, architecture, landmarks and people from the French speaking world.

Translation – Pupils will begin to translate into and from the target language, which will prepare them for their future language learning.

Assessment – Assessment in French is completed regularly in all four skills areas. Pupils will acquire language skills throughout the four years in Key Stage 2 and these will be assessed and monitored by class work and assessments each term.

Here at Bishop’s Primary, we hope that all our pupils enjoy learning French and they acquire not only the skills, but the enthusiasm and determination to continue language learning later in life. Language skills are transferable and the techniques our pupils gain learning French can not only be used to learn different languages, but also, to develop their literacy skills overall.