Bishop’s Primary 4th Annual Poetry Recitation

“The poems we learn when we’re young stay with us for the rest of our lives. We call it learning by heart, and I think such learning can only makes our hearts bigger and stronger,” Simon Armitage,the new poet laureate.

Our children showed their ability to learn two pieces of poetry by heart and recite them to an audience. They recited poems from the whimsical world of A.A. Milne and the contrasting world of Jamaican rhythms.

Reception winner: Amy Hume; key stage 1 winner: Thomas McLeod; lower key stage 2 winners: Grace Thompson and Varya Azeez; upper key stage 2 winner: Chelsey Mclelland; Duke’s Secondary winner: Dillon Cosway. Judges: Carol Robinson, John Challis and Sinéad Morrissey.


We were all wowed by their confident attitudes, loud voices and good memories.  Our judges, well known, award-winning poets John Challis and Sinéad Morrissey; along with Mrs Robinson who donated the prizes found it incredibly difficult to come to a decision.

Congratulations to the winners who showed an excellent grasp of pace, rhythm and intonation.