Bishop’s Greatest Show

For the show, children from across all campuses of Bishop’s Primary School, came
together to perform in front of a packed audience of parents and carers. The show
was a first ever primary–only production and proved to be a runaway success. The
audience were wowed by the by the dancing, singing, acting and signing of the children.
Mrs Hinson, Principal of Bishop’s, said: “I was very proud of the students today and feel
that all their hard work from this last term has well and truly paid off. We have so many
talented youngsters across Bishop’s Primary . It is also fantastic for music transition, as
hopefully these students will continue to be involved heavily with the Creative Arts
Department when they move on to Duke’s Secondary School.”
Over the course of eight weeks, the students attended workshops with Mrs Glanville,
Mrs Cook and Mrs Corcoran to develop their performance skills. Mrs Corcoran, who also
directs Duke’s Secondary Choir, was immensely proud and impressed with the high
standard of performance our young people were able to achieve in such a short time. It
was fantastic to see how the NCEAT community came together to support our primary
students with this event – a huge thanks to all who were involved from across Bishop’s,
Castle and Duke’s Schools.


A link to NCEAMusic SoundCloud can be found here.